Political Actions

time sensitive actions:

Oct 17: Robin DiAngelo’s next virtual event

Online course beginning Oct 4 with White Awake

Stop Trump’s Supreme Court Nominations

Seed the Vote: https://www.seedthevote.org/

If you are horrified by the ICDC report on (forced) hysterectomies and COVID care at Irwin county detention center, please contact the following representatives and let them know that DHS should conduct an investigation into the Irwin County Detention Center in order to protect the health and safety of the detained immigrants and the workers. Atlanta ICE field director Thomas Giles thomas.p.giles@ice.dhs.gov Georgia Department of Public Health complaint line – 844-442-2681 Chairman of Irwin Co Commissioners Joey Whitley irwinco@mediacombb.net 229-468-9441

Fail Forward: 5 Mistakes Racial Justice Trainers Make and How to Avoid Them Thursday Oct 1:


Free them all Friday! (Albuquerque and Santa Fe)

SWOP (Southwest Organizing Project) – calling ABQ city council re: Environmental Injustice

@puebloactionalliance on Instagram: call AZ detention center

Vote Forward: https://votefwd.org/

End the Hyde Amendment and Pass the Each Woman Act: Repro rights are treaty rights. Fund Indian Health Services.

evergreen actions/resources:

Buy Black Debt

Author, poet, and radical self-love activist Sonya Renee Taylor just launched her #BuyBackBlackDebt initiative. The goal is for Black people who are experiencing the impacts of institutional racism via debt to be paired with a white person who has expressed a desire to contribute to someone’s debt.

  • If you are a white person willing and able to commit financially, fill out this application: https://bit.ly/2YS9B1I (Note that you are not gifting or donating or any other language steeped in white saviorism. You are seeking a relationship in which you would like to clear up some of YOUR spiritual debt by doing your part to mitigate the harm your people have done to Black people via institutions of white supremacist delusion. And that you desire to be in an authentic reparative relationship.)
  • Black folks experiencing debt should fill out this application: https://bit.ly/BBBD20
  • To learn more about the #BuyBackBlackDebt initiative check out Sonya’s recent videos: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCBD7VWAsL_/

Vision: #BuyBackBlackDebt is a project of interracial spiritual and economic relationship building. The goal is not simply to pay off the random debt of Black folks but to re-establish the possibility of human connections and relationship through disrupting active institutions of white supremacist delusion in Black lives. This project is a local, family and community organized process that benefits the lives of Black folks who are in proximity to White folks.

Wealth is generational and familial. It is passed down through lineage. I hope through #BuyBackBlackDebt we are able to restitch the garment of humanity by weaving Black and white lives in depthful and transformative ways…lineal ways, such that Black people become the heirs to white wealth alongside white family members. Such that white people become the heirs to Black love. Such that white people with financial resources immediately consider supporting the Black people in their lives because they have Black people in their lives. Where those relationships do not exist, they begin building them in authentic and vulnerable ways because it is through relationships that we heal and white people have much in themselves to heal and Black people have much to heal from. To be clear, both parties are clearing debt at the intersection of the spiritual and material realms.


Resource on trauma and somatics: https://complextraumahealing.wordpress.com/

Creating a multicultural organization: https://philanos.org/resources/Documents/Conference%202020/Pre-Read%20PDFs/Continuum_AntiRacist.pdf

On Angry White Allies: https://medium.com/@jorjorian/dear-white-allies-our-anger-isnt-yours-ea482e702569

GreaterGood in Berkeley:

Land Acknowledgement resource: Text city name and state or zip code to 907.312.5085 short time back information

Indigenous land claims: https://native-land.ca/

Article: https://www.thenation.com/article/activism/blake-white-people-backlash

Hong Gwi-Seok, yoga teacher <– take class / –> read her amazing blog

Anti-Racism Daily: daily newsletters with antiracist actions